21 December 2010

Christmas at Tiffany's

Well hello there!
This week, allow me to be your tour guide as we
marvel at the fabulous holiday window displays
around New York City.

Today, it's off to Tiffany's, the jewelry mecca on 5th Avenue
where confections are packaged in a turquoise blue box

This year's windows unfold a fairy tale.
I really love the paper sculptures, the romance
and most of all the sparkling jewels!

Watch and see...

In a faraway land, a handsome prince fell in love
with a beautiful princess.

The prince was turned into a gentle blue bird and
banished to the forest.

Meanwhile, the princess was locked away,

high in a turret.

The blue bird searched to find...

the most beautiful jewelry to bring to
the princess.

The blue bird flew to the princess...

with a beautiful diamond ring that
lit up the night sky.

Upon a kiss of true love, the blue bird...

turned back into his princely form.

And they lived happily ever after!


  1. These are adorable Claire!!! thanks for sharing, it's gorgeous inspiration... Merry Christmas!!! xoxox

  2. Thanks for visiting Mnemonique and Nuit! Don't you just love a happy ending? Merry Christmas!:)


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