08 December 2010

Gingerbread Lady

All this week, I'm sharing some wrapping ideas
for small gifts that you'll be giving away.

When the holidays come around, there's
a lot of baking involved & packages received.
Make sure to save those empty boxes!

These are blahs that can become TADAs!

I can't help but think of gingerbread people
at this time of year. So I took out the cookie
cutter and traced the shape on the cardboard.

Then I painted it all over in a festive color &
attached some ribbon at the top with hot glue.

Tada! It looks like an ornament!

By adding two holes, it can be used to
"wrap" a pair of earrings.

Something you made yourself or found at a craft fair.

You can use it to highlight a necklace, too.

Tuck this gingerbread lady in a small gift box
if you want to keep the gift a surprise.


Your comments are very much appreciated!