30 December 2010

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Thanks for dropping by today!
Have you been enjoying our trip around New York City?

Today, I'm taking you to the mother of all
Christmas trees...we're going to Rockefeller Center!

From Fifth Avenue, these angels welcome you.

Here's the 74-foot tree on the eve of
the tree lighting ceremony.

And here it is, all lit up.
It really takes your breath away!

Even if I have to wrestle with the crowds,
I don't mind making the trip to see this tree.
It's truly worth it!

And what I love about it is, it's a New York tradition.
You know for certain it will always be there -- in glorious
times or in times of recession.

It's really a symbol of hope -- that for a moment we can
forget our troubles and that things will be better!


  1. I love Rockefeller Center!
    Back when I was in the USA, it was number one on my want-to-see list.
    Nice photos!

  2. Thanks for your visit Marta! I hope you're having a magical holiday! :)


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