13 January 2011

Color on a Wintry Day

The snow fell again, covering the neighborhood in a layer of powder. I love snow. I love winter, too. But I'm not too fond of the cold weather. To deal with this "situation", I switch on some happy thoughts -- flip flops, summer dresses and flowers. It's a good thing I've got this new book I bought over the holidays:

It contains 25 festive and easy crafts to
keep one occupied, especially when
stuck indoors on a snowy day.

Paper+Cup is the baby of Truman and Minhee Cho
who also own Paper+Cup Design, makers of stationery.
Too bad I missed the book signing event.

And because I have my thoughts on flowers
and all things related to warmer weather,
I decided to make this flower gift tag.

I'm recycling red tissue paper {from a Christmas present}.

Cut a rectangle and fold it in half.

Cut out some petals.

Roll it up into a tight coil & attach it to a
piece of wire with some tape.

Wrap a strip of green paper to cover the
wire {use some glue} and add a leaf,
where you can write your message.

TADA! An instant flower to keep or give away.

This is cheering me up already!


  1. Good idea Claire. I never know what to do what that used crumpled tissue paper..now I know:)

  2. Hello Betty! I get a lot of these from either gifts or packaging at boutiques -- I'll think up of more ideas :) Thanks for visiting today!

  3. That's so nice and easy to apply too. hat a great idea to use a simple crap paper, and transform it in such a lovely stuff. nice sharing dear

  4. Hi guys at the glass floor! Thanks for the comment! :)


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