11 January 2011

P.S. I Made This

All this week, I'm sharing a list of books that have been inspiring me this new year. Sometime last year, I discovered this blog and by the end of 2010, she had already published a book:

Both her blog and book are called

What a witty title to describe the
do-it-yourself accessories by this
crafty fashionista, Erica Domesek.

Photo by Ben Watts via Stylecaster.com

Her inspiration boards are a sight to behold, her projects look like they're from the fashion glossies and her instructions are easy. Wanna see?

Who needs to spend on an uber-expensive bag
when you can make your own?

This playful necklace makes me look
forward to springtime!

Definitely blah to TADA!

I tried one of the projects featured in the book.

I took an old T-shirt...

Cut it in three parts and put away the
top and bottom for a future project,
leaving the middle section.

I folded it in half...

And cut fringes on both of the open ends.

Open it up, slip it around your neck
and TADA! -- a fun, frilly scarf!

Show off both sides of the fringe.

Or tuck in the top fringe and finish off with a pretty pin.

You can also roll up the scarf for it to look like a necklace.

Sassy and simple to do.
And P.S. I made this!


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