27 January 2011

Via Air Mail

Shopping for office supplies relaxes me.
I always get giddy over the many options available.
New supplies also remind me of fresh starts &
the promise of an organized life.

Look what I found at a stationery boutique:

Air mail envelopes!
I can't help feeling nostalgic.

They're perfect for the handmade cards
I crafted last week & wrote on yesterday.

I'm pretty sure my lucky friend receiving this
will love the "retro" feel when she finds
this in her mailbox.

But wait! Let's add a finishing touch:

Blah: felt remnants from an old blah to TADA! project.

TADA! Easy envelope seals!

Free form cutouts using scissors and
attached with a glue gun.

Can air mail get any better?

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  1. Thanks for your kind note Mara! I hope you can get your hands on some luscious stationery right away! :)


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