20 January 2011

Easy Gift Boxes

Today, I still have gift wrapping on my mind.
As the New Year begins, I want to
simplify & recycle -- less clutter at home,
less trash in the world.
Here's a beautiful magazine.

Made with beautiful paper.
But a stack has been hanging around
my living room, gathering dust.

Time for some blah to TADA!

I turned them into little gift boxes.

I used an existing box as a template to make
the bottom and the lid.

I made different sizes.
All that's needed is a gift to be put inside.

You can add some color with markers,
paint and magazine cut-outs, too.

Hope you liked today's craft!


  1. I had today the same idea. Tomorrow is my hubby's bday and I took some magazines to wrap presents for him!!! :)

  2. Hi Mnemonique! We're on the same wavelength, heehee! Happy birthday to your husband -- enjoy your celebration together :)

  3. Good on you Claire..recycle and simplify. I too am de-cluttering and simplifying and if I can make some of these beautiful crafts I see here..well then I'm even happier.

  4. Hello Betty Dear! Happy de-cluttering & crafting! :)


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