25 January 2011

Markers are Magic

I went shopping for new supplies & I'm showing off my purchases.

Today, it's these brand-spanking new
black markers.

I don't really need that many, but there was
a deal at the store: six for $2.00!

They always come in handy when
labeling stuff & addressing packages.

I also like to use them to draw.
Wanna see?

Blah: a box from the mail
{it contained a Christmas present}

Tada! Same box but with whimsical patterns all over.
My instant design covers any markings on the box &
adds a little personality -- like it was a gift box.

I can reuse it for a new package I need to send.

On top are spaces for the sender's & addressee's information.

All that's needed is to fill in the blanks, seal the top
and send away!


  1. I love this! It takes so little sometimes to make something special.

  2. Welcome to my blog Mrs. Deane! So thrilled you could stop by! This is a very easy project that anyone can do :)


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