17 January 2011

Magazine Make-over

Happy Monday Lovelies!

When the New Year comes around, I like to get rid of clutter. Easier said than done for a pack rat like me. I like to save things for their sentimental value and for opportunities to turn blah into TADA! Take for example these magazines:

I have different versions from Edible Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, even San Francisco & Marin and Wine Country. These "Edibles" are beautifully produced magazines that shines the spotlight on the local food movement: buy/eat food grown in your town or city.

The photos are engaging {I have the urge to lick the page!}, the articles are insightful and the paper used is thick with a matte finish.

So instead of awarding them to the paper recycling bin, here's what I did:

I used some old, blah cardboard boxes...

And these crafty tools to turn the
magazine pages into:

Terrific and TADA! postcards!

I punched out leaves & flowers and printed
some sincere wishes:

I even decorated the back of the card {natural board}
to add some whimsy:

These will be my official greeting cards for 2011!
Eco-chic, don't you think?

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