26 January 2011

My Favorite Writing Instrument

Happy Wednesday!
All this week, I've been telling you about the
basic supplies I keep & recently stocked up on.

This is my favorite pen -- it's a retractable gel pen.
I'm not particular about the brand, as long as it's
in black and writes well. I've met a few bad pens
in my life and what a nightmare!

These ones glide well, don't skip and I use
them from the important {signing documents}
to the mundane {making lists}.

And remember the Tada! handmade cards I've been making
from blah materials?

I like using the same pens to write heartfelt messages.
I use the pens to write on my gratitude journal, too!

I hope you've found your ideal pen...the one
that turns writing tasks from blah to TADA!


  1. I know what you mean...a good pen is awesome...I've written with some pens like that and should go buy a few!!! I have a fountain pen that my husband gave me about 10 years ago and it needs refills...but that's my fav.
    I love the little notes...especially being thankful that you got the last seat on the bus! Yeah!!!

  2. Hi Marfa! Your comment made me smile on this cold morning! I think I need to get myself a fountain pen, too. Have an awesome day! :)


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