22 February 2012

The Envelope Please

I'm not sure if any of you still do this -- have your digital photos printed? I guess very few people do, since pictures can be conveniently stored and viewed on the computer or phone. 

I have a few envelopes left over from when I would go to a shop to have pictures printed, for framing or mailing to loved ones.

I'm using some printed card stock to help me turn these envelopes from blah to TADA!

Here's the front side of envelope #1

The back side

Here's the inside

The front side of envelope #2

The back side

TADA! Good-as-new envelopes ready to be filled with handmade cards and tiny gifts. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love this. Those photo envelopes are so nice, and I never thought about re-doing them like this.

  2. I'd be thrilled to get an envelope like this. Claire, your family and friends must look forward to these special touches from you!

  3. I hope they do Betty! Thanks for your regular visits to my blog -- much appreciated! :)


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