06 February 2012

Gearing Up for Valentine's Day

How was your weekend lovelies? I hope you had time for rest, relaxation and some exciting Super Bowl action. Last week, I told you about the Special Delivery Project, spearheaded by Etsy and Citymeals-on-Wheels. Handmade Valentine cards are being collected for distribution to the elderly -- that's kindness in action right there! If you want to participate, the deadline's tomorrow. You'll find all the details here.

Today, I'm sharing some of the cards I crafted. I made quite a bunch over two evenings, while sipping some tea and listening to mushy love songs. Please don't laugh, I wanted to be productive during these cold winter nights!

TADA! cards made from those blah tags
you find attached to new clothing

Made from magazine cutouts
mounted on recycled cardboard

Vintage postcards jazzed up with
rubber stamps & stickers

Blah boxes {ex. pasta, tea, cookies} made pretty
with scrapbook paper

More blah boxes get a new look with colorful
paper, craft punches & sweet notes

Brown paper bags are accessorized!

Hearts & glitter, Champagne & flowers

Doilies & stick-on hearts add
texture and dimension

Trader Joe's paper bags are given
a new life as Valentine cards

These spoons are cut out from the Trader Joe's paper bag...I think these go well with the theme of "sharing food and love." If you plan to make your own Valentine's Day cards, I hope these cards will inspire you!


  1. Cute...I especially love recycling Trader Joe's bags....those spoons are lovely with a little heart!

  2. Claire, these cards inspired me for sure and it's a wonderful thing to bring cheer to someone!

  3. Happy Monday Marfa and Betty! Thank you ladies for your enthusiasm over these handmade cards! :)

  4. Your cards are super cute! I'm doing a project called the Cheerful Charity where we distribute or do crafts with elderly and children and this post inspired me some more ideas for this Valentines Day and what to make for the elderly in our nearest nursing homes!

  5. I was looking up some Valentine's Day crafts to do with the elderly and came to see this! Your crafts are super creative and unique. I'm part of a project called the Cheerful Charity where we go and bring happiness in the little ways and since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought this would be super cute to make! Thanks for the inspiration!


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