20 February 2012

Paper Projects

Happy Monday everyone! This week, it's all about paper and the different ways to make it prettier. 

Today's blah is this binder taken home 
from a seminar. 

There's a footnote at the back panel 
requesting for responsible recycling. 
It would be my pleasure! 

The inside pages include specially printed
dividers, meeting agendas & notes. 

I got myself some printed card 
stock, traditionally used for
making scrapbooks. 

I decorated the cover, spine & back 
with black & white polka dot paper
cut to size. 

I covered the dividers with 3 different 
patterns. A glue stick kept the paper 
in place and I cut around the tabs
with a pair of scissors. 

 This is what the new dividers look like.

and eventually label the tabs. 

I haven't determined what to use this binder for. If I were a magazine editor, I'd take it with me to the shows at Fashion Week to store invitations and take notes. If I were planning a party, I'd fill it with details like floor & seating plans, menus and photo pegs for table settings and gift bags. If I were an artist, it would be filled with poetry, sketches and ideas for an exhibit or collaboration. I just love the many possibilities! 


  1. This is a great idea!! I have a binder with tabs from a class I took for work and was wondering what the heck to do with it.

  2. Happy Monday Diane! Thanks for stopping by...maybe you can blog about your "brand new" binder after the make-over. Enjoy your week :)

  3. I love to "refashion" binders! Great way to recycle & have something "new!"

  4. Thank you Suzie and Stuffellaneous! :)

  5. This is lovely! This is exactly what I need for my all-kinds-of-scrap-keeping binder! Lovely ornaments.

  6. I really enjoyed making this binder Jurgita! Happy you like it too. Thanks! :)


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