24 February 2012

Paper and Cloth

Hello and Happy Friday!
Two blahs for today: fabric remnants and old business cards {the flip side contains the information, this back side is blank}.

Attach the printed side of the business card to the fabric with white glue. Smooth this down, then trim the edges with a pair of scissors. Keep the edges from fraying by applying a bit more glue to the edges of the cloth. Allow to dry. If the cards bend, flatten them under a pile of books for a few hours.

Once the cards are dry and flat, write down {or stamp on} your contact information on the blank side.

TADA! Business cards that are colorful 
and different? Yes please!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Lovely idea for crafty girl's cards! Love it!

  2. Wonderful way to use fabric scraps & random business cards!

  3. Ha..I knew I was saving those scraps of fabric for something! I'm saving 'this and that' these days just waiting for you to share a nifty idea and sure enough you most often do!! Once again I thank you and so does my 'little crafty gene':)

  4. Oh Betty! You comments always make me smile! Thank you for your encouragement :)


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