21 February 2012

Reminders on a Ring

 Paper, I find to be, is quite a common 
blah around our apartment. 

Name it: receipts, junk mail, menus...

...magazine subscription inserts and 
bill envelopes.

But for every blah, there's a TADA! 

 I'm on a mission to save the "blank spaces" 
on each piece of paper I get my hands on.

And I've got my trusty craft punch to help 
me with this dizzying, but satisfying task. 

Old paper bags, empty envelopes
and magazine pages can't escape
the clutches on my craft punch!

Add some holes with a smaller punch.

Round them up in a giant binder ring 

Add a pen {this one's got a nifty handle
that allows it to become a key chain} 

 TADA! It's a notebook on a ring!

Draw on it to while away some time... 

Or use a page as an instant gift tag!


  1. Cute! I love to make my own stuff all the time! Sometimes I try to get too crafty with wrapping odd-shaped presents, and it ends up looking HORRIBLE....then it's sad and I just have to hand the gift (unwrapped) to the person. I love how you put 'blah' and then 'tada!' It made me laugh! :)

  2. Well look at that Claire, aren't you the crafty one! And have fun as you punch away:)

  3. i will definitely be making this some time.

  4. Thanks for visiting Danie! And happy you got a kick out of my blog name -- I get lots of laughs for that :)

  5. Hi Betty! I'm a mad woman with a craft punch as a weapon :)

    Hello Sandra! I find a lot of satisfaction hearing the "crunch" sound of my craft punch. I know, I know, I'm weird like that :)

  6. Brillant, Claire! What a great way to recycle and create an interesting way to carry a grocery list. LOVE it!!!


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