16 February 2012

Pin Party

Mason jars are a reminder of a simpler time where summer afternoons were spent canning fruits and vegetables for the coming winter. Hard labor my friends -- sterilizing the jars, peeling and cutting the produce, sealing the jars, listening to the lids pop. But what a joy to see them lined up on the shelf, then tasting summer's glory at the peak of winter.

That's what I think of when I see mason jars. I've kept the ones that used to be filled with jellies and pickles because even if they're empty, they're still very useful. 

Here's my version of the famous sewing kit in a jar. It's a brand-spanking new home for my safety pins. You know why? Whenever I'm getting dressed, in a hurry, then suddenly realize I need a safety pin to add some modesty to a low-cut top, secure a skirt when the button has popped out {and there's no time to mend it} -- I'll have to rummage through my sewing kit for that safety pin. So blah! Time's a ticking!

This is where the safety pins hang out. Some straight pins and a travel sewing kit have been invited to the party too. TADA!

Maybe I'll introduce some fashion tape or accessory dots to the gang because you'll never know when you'll need them.

I keep this in the bathroom medicine cabinet to keep it accessible whenever a family member says, "Where are the safety pins?"

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