23 November 2012

Gingerbread Houses

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration. The Christmas season is upon us and many of you may be crossing out your gift lists this super shopping weekend, or staying home to begin decorating.

If you fancy something crafty with the kids, here's an idea:

Make your own gingerbread houses! Instead of the cookie and candy kind, make some that will last for years to come. And throw in some recycling by using blah cardboard like empty cereal or tissue boxes. Paint them, glue them together, embellish with stickers and paper cutouts, then shower with glitter.

Here are a few more:

 Make one.

 Or two.

Or an entire village. 

Put these on the table in the foyer or atop a mantle.
Have each child make her/his own. 
Or make one for your tree or one
to wrap presents.

Have an exciting weekend!


  1. I've been dreaming of having a Enchanted Village in my Christmas Decor. But keep postponing until it is too late to start...
    I think I'll need to embrace this as a on-going during years project and don't worry so much with the timing just enjoying the creative process.
    Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a lovely weekend,

    1. Thanks for your lovely note Teresa! Why not take baby steps? Like make one house each year? The next year, you can make a bakery, then a school, then another house...next thing you'll know, you've made a village! Happy crafting. :)


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