06 November 2012

The SoWA Farmer's Market

Hello and Happy Tuesday!
This week, I'm taking you on a trip to Boston.

I've fallen in love with this historic city in Massachusetts.
It's easy to get around by car, public transport, on foot
and even on a bicycle:

Baby blue bicycle


Bikes with baskets

One of the fun neighborhoods I checked out was South of Washington Street, also known as "SoWA". It's known for its emerging artists, specifically at 450 Harrison Building and 500 Harrison Avenue, brimming with their studios. 

On Sundays, from May to October, people flock here to visit the SoWA Open Market. It's a bunch of markets: farmer's, vintage and crafts! I think I just hit the jackpot!

Today, I'll show you the farmer's market selling locally grown fruit and vegetables, as well as food products made in New England.

Freshly made bread

Flavored butter and specialty pesto

Herbs and spices

Fresh produce

Seasonal gourds and blooms

Jams and preserves

Ruby red cranberries

Maple products {I bought some maple sugar}

This guy was selling different varieties of nuts. I really
liked how he used empty clementine boxes to
organize his products...blah to TADA! in action.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the vintage market. 
Have a fabulous day!


  1. Beautiful...I blogged last month about out trip to Ottawa, Canada with a bunch of bicycle photos and some farmer's market ones, too. I ♥ the fresh cranberries. One day I hope to go to Maine during this time and visit a real cranberry bog.

    1. Hi Martha! I had the good fortune of visiting Ottawa in 2010. It's gorgeous there! I totally agree that it deserves a blog post with many beautiful pictures to match. I would love to visit a real cranberry bog (and go maple tree tapping, harvesting honey, running through a lavender field, picking olives from a tree)...can I come with you? LOL! :)


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