08 November 2012

The SoWA Vintage Market

I took a trip to Boston a few weeks ago and I'm sharing with you a few of my finds. Yesterday, I told you about the SoWA Open Market

Aside from a Farmer's Market and Craft Market, you'll also find a Vintage Market. Unlike the Farmer's and Open Markets that are only in business from May to October, the Vintage Market is open year round. 

It's held indoors allowing sellers, buyers and merchandise to be safe from weather changes. It's open from 10 am to 4 pm...take your time and get ready to hunt for treasure!

Here are some of the lovely things I saw:

Shabby meets industrial chic! If I had a
craft room, I would use this to store
my tools and supplies.

I wonder how many Grandmas' sewing
kits were raided to come up with this
collection. Oh, the stories they
would tell!

Floral dishes and intricate jewelry

Vintage fashion -- I'm fancying the bags!

Pins and brooches

Letters and numerals that I want to turn
from blah to TADA!

Postcards from all over the world

This makes me nostalgic. "Annie" was one of the
first movies I saw {and thoroughly enjoyed}.

I want to own one of these and really use it for travel.
Then I can use it for storage and as a decorative piece
in my living room.

I love this desk and the footstool {it needs some
new upholstery, though}.

This was one of my favorite booths, Recycled SilverWear by
John Atkinson {he doesn't have a website}. He fashions
rings, bangles and earrings out of vintage silver cutlery
like spoons and forks. For a closer look at his
creations, you may go here and here.
They're beautifully made...blah to TADA! indeed.

Thank you for indulging in my fascination with markets!

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