29 November 2012

Storytelling through Lego

I've been blogging about Lego and all the cool things you can build with it. Here's another creative use for Lego -- you can tell a story.

Or more specifically, tell the story of Jesus Christ, the way Brendan Powell Smith did in "The Brick Bible". 

Isn't reading more fun with pictures? That's what this book provides, and each photo was made with Lego! Whether or not you know the story of Jesus, this book is one entertaining read. Well, because Jesus did have a colorful life, and it's fascinating to see the Bible reinterpreted through a toy most of us are familiar with.

The birth of Jesus 

 The wedding feast at Cana where Jesus turned water into wine

 Jesus walks on water

 The Last Supper

 The crucifixion

The Resurrection

Blah to TADA!, right? You can read more about The Brick Testament here.

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