13 November 2012


Over the summer, I was able to visit a few museums. I discovered new techniques that I might be able to apply to future blah to TADA! projects. One technique that I became fascinated with was this painting by Korean artist, Lee Gilwoo, which was on exhibit in the Saatchi Gallery in London. 

Here's a sample of one of his paintings. It's a portrait made of dots, achieved by burning Hanji {a kind of Korean Paper} with the use of incense and a soldering iron. I love that the result has so much depth and texture.

I won't be burning anything for art's sake. Instead, I thought of a DIY printing technique so I can turn a blah paper bag into something TADA!

Here's what we'll need: a brown paper bag, 
a rubber band and a set of markers.

Secure the markers into a bundle using the rubber band.

Uncap the markers one by one and level off
the bottoms {by tapping them on a surface
so all the tips are aligned.

Press this down onto the paper bag.

Do this all over the bag, on all the sides, if you want.

Overlap the pattern or keep them far apart.
It beats filling the whole blank space 
individually with a single marker.

A confetti-like design...

...blah to TADA!


  1. That's beautiful!
    What a simple, yet clever idea - brilliant!
    Always a fan of your creativity, Claire.
    Have a good week ^^
    - Eda

    1. Hi Eda! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I wish you a good week, too.


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