19 November 2012

Just Photos

Hi there! Do you agree with me that looking at photos can spark some inspiration for crafty projects? I like to take a lot of pictures, wherever I am, because I know I'll find use for them in the future.

So this week, it's about a single photo a day, starting with this one:

It's a wooden box that's blah. With minimal elbow grease, it's been transformed to a display case for handmade jewelry...TADA!

I spotted this at a booth in Boston's SoWA open market last month. I love its simplicity and functionality. The owner didn't even bother to paint the box -- chipped paint on the outside and the inside is left raw. I liked how the owner added these wooden rows, making use of yard/meter sticks from the hardware store. They're cut to fit the box and attached to it using small nails. A line of tiny holes are drilled at the bottom to hang the dangle-y earrings. Also, a hinge was attached to keep the box open.

I think this is a great idea to organize your personal jewelry at home, or for you crafty folks ready to sell your masterpieces for the holidays. Have a productive day everyone!


Your comments are very much appreciated!