20 November 2012

Postal Memories

One photo is all it takes for a light bulb moment to happen. That's why I like to hang out on Pinterest and Instagram -- they're a treasure-trove of visual ideas!

Today's photo of the day is something I found at Boston's SoWA Vintage Market:  

It's a memory box with a postal theme. The elements: the door of an apartment mailbox, a skeleton key to open the mailbox, a postal stamp, and an airmail envelope with the apartment's address. 

I love it for sentimental reasons -- it celebrates your first home as a single adult, a couple that moved in together or got married. It's an artsy reminder of independence and happy memories made within four walls. 

Now I don't suggest that you tear down your mailbox for this blah to TADA! project. Instead, you can use a photo or watercolor painting of your building or house. Another option is to recreate the numbers of your address with vintage brass numerals. Also, find a map of your town and include this your memory box.

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