26 November 2012

The Land of Lego

I hope you had a nice weekend my dears. This week, it's all about one of my favorite childhood toys: LEGO!

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I think Lego is such a wonderful toy for older children. Plain, blah bricks become TADA! with a little bit of imagination. Growing up, I loved building a lot of Lego houses using the white windows with green shutters,  a white door, and I even landscaped with pine trees and flowers. My houses were usually bungalows, sometimes with a swimming pool, but never one of this kind:

These look like the brownstones you would see in Manhattan. My 7-year old self would never have dreamed of this on my own. This is just one of the masterpieces you'd find at the Lego Store in Rockefeller Center, New York:

Check out this sign.

 It's made entirely of little Lego people!

They are painted in single colors and 
attached to a large Lego mat. 

I wonder what the population of this sign is?

Here's a witty take on an iconic statue... 

...Atlas on 5th Avenue {Rockefeller Center}.

Lego's version of the "Wisdom" panel on 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Rockefeller Center is always bustling and this is the 
Lego version, ice skating rink included! 

I love this Volkswagen Campervan, especially the doors
and checkerboard tiles inside!  

For you Star Wars fanatics -- the mighty Death Star. 

 Chewbacca and a few Stormtroopers 

 Ah, Darth Vader.

For Harry Potter fans, there's a whole Lego collection for you! 

Albus Dumbledore 

 Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort

My, my, Lego is such a classic toy spanning generations...I think that's TADA!

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