20 May 2013

Especially for Boots

I have spring cleaning fever! I find it so satisfying to de-clutter and clean, especially now that the warmer months are on their way. This means sandal season...woohoo!

Time to put away my boots that have gotten so much mileage during the winter. Some pairs will be stored in their boxes, while one or two still have room in the closet. But droopy boots are blah.

I found this solution at the store -- boot shapers that look like thin bolster pillows. But why buy, when we can D-I-Y?!

via Real Simple
Our first option is to use empty and clean wine bottles to keep the body of the boot upright.

Another option is to make our own boot shaper: 

I'm using these complimentary airline socks. Because one size fits all, there's no heel and it's shaped like a tube.

Stuff it with fiber fill, add a long ribbon to join both shapers and hem each open end.  

 Then put them in your boots!

The ribbon will make it easier to remove the shapers with just one pull, and you'll be sure they're always a pair.

No more droopy boots ever again. 

For regular shoes, I have a shoe shaper 
right here.

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