24 May 2013

Yard Sale Tips

via Country Living
A lucrative way to spring cleaning is having a garage or yard sale. Get rid of unwanted things and earn some cash at the same time...that's double TADA! 

Considering putting one together? Here are a few links:

Here are some more ideas:

Display items on tables and garment racks.
Make sure there's a collective price tag {ex. all shirts $5.00},
or better yet, put a price tag on each piece. 

 Group similar things together.

Make use of boxes... 

 ...bins or baskets.

You can use old suitcases or bags, too. 

Display jewelry like they would in a 
boutique and have some mirrors handy
{including a full length one if there are 
lot of clothes on sale}. 

Have old newspaper and scrap paper to wrap breakables. 

Have bags in different sizes {opt to reuse paper/plastic 
shopping bags} for customer purchases.  

If you're feeling extra generous, offer free treats
like drinks and snacks for all who participated.

Good luck and may you all enjoy the weekend!


  1. I have so much stuff I don't want anymore! I really need to have a garage sale! Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Courtney! I understand you completely! Every year, I do some spring cleaning and I question myself, "How did I accumulate all these things?" Happy purging! :)


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