28 May 2013

A Correspondence Station

When I saw this in Southern Living Magazine, I was totally on board with the idea!

via Southern Living
Writing a thank you card can honestly be a daunting task most of the time: hunting for the stationery, figuring out what to write, taking it to the post office. This is one of the reasons people forego writing one. Such a blah.

But turn it into a TADA! by putting together a "thank you card" station! Stock it well with note cards {even personalized or monogrammed ones}, fancy pens and postage stamps.

Here's the version I made:

I used a mail caddy that we've had for ages. You can get one at an office supply or home store. Or you can also make your own.

The upper compartment contains cards for different occasions {ex. birthday, get well, wedding} and the lower section has blank cards and thank you cards.  

This occupies very little space on my desk and every time I see it, I get in the mood to write a card!


  1. So beautiful. The one you created... I might convince myself of creating one as I have a new home office - well, it's just the desk that changed place, but you know when you move things it, sometimes, look like it's an entire different matter? It happened with my move - and there's that empty space that I wondering what to fill with... this might be it.

    Thank you for sharing,

  2. Thanks for your visit, Teresa. Congrats on the move and for your new home office and for new beginnings! :) My your empty space be filled with meaningful things and creative energy!


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