17 May 2013

Perfectly Polished

Hip, hip, hooray...we made it to Friday! In the past I shared with you little kits that I like to assemble such as the emergency kit and the first aid kit.

I thought of putting another one together. Something that can be kept in the car or office desk drawer because...well, because you never know. Let's call it the "Polished to Perfection" kit. 

Emergency Essentials


Here's what I'll put in it: (1) a stain remover pen to magically remove that coffee or ink stain; (2) a sewing kit to mend a hem or attach a loose button; (3) pain medication because a migrane is blah; (4) a lint roller to clean up a dark top from fuzzies, and (5) a toothbrush with minty toothpaste because facing bosses and clients is always TADA! with sparkly teeth and fresh breath.

I'll reuse this plastic zipper bag. It was packaging for a set pillowcases in its past life. It's always a good idea to recycle!

Instantly, I have a bag for my "Polished to Perfection" kit! TADA!

Have a terrific weekend, folks!

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