10 May 2013

Wrapped in Flowers

Hooray it's Friday!

Today, let's turn this empty tissue box from blah to TADA! 

I'm using some of these cherry blossom-print rubber stamps. 
I got them at an awesome sale.

The stamps have sticky backs that are to be attached to 
this clear block.

I made some blue blossoms...

...and some pink ones.

Then I cut around the flowers.

I liked the stem-print on the box. I thought a few blooms
{secured to the box with mounting tape} would 
make it TADA!

For handles, I added ribbon on two sides of the box with hot glue.

With tissue paper, wrap a gift like a candle, 
luxurious soaps or a bottle of perfume and
put it inside the box.

Now you've got a gift for Mother's Day 
with flowers as a bonus. TADA!

May you all have a delightful weekend.
To all the moms out there -- wishing you a 
Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

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