21 May 2013

Especially for Stuff

I think you'll agree with me that clutter is blah. It's something most, if not all, of us battle with. To curb this frustration, here are some TADA! suggestions:

Especially for Stuff


Hide or file them away in boxes and bins! I have covered boxes (1) where I keep old photos, collectible DVDs and correspondence. As an alternative, reuse gift boxes or shoe boxes.

I have similar bins (2) that work as a holding area for mail. One is labeled "File" and the other "Shred". The documents hang-out here until I'm ready for the daunting task of filing and shredding.  

These collapsible boxes (3) can be used anywhere. The small ones can store books and journals; the medium ones for toys and art materials that can then be placed on a shelf. Use the bigger ones to segregate recycling or organize sports equipment or stuff in the car.

Hooray for boxes!

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