27 May 2013

How To Write a Thank You Note

I love receiving thank you cards. I think it's one of the highest forms of gratitude. That's why I also try to give them away generously.

Here's a bunch of adorable thank you cards I've come across:

Thank You Card Round-Up


Once we've picked the card, how exactly do we write on it? 

In her book Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily provides a guide to craft the proper thank you card:
  •  Address the person
  •  Express thanks for the special gift. {If you were given money, thank the person for the "generous gift". If you were given a gift certificate, make sure to mention the actual store. If someone hosted you for a weekend or for a lovely meal, simply thank them for their hospitality.}
  •   Describe how you intend to use the item
  •   Mention time spent together and the next time you'll see each other
  •   Thank them again
  •   Sign off 

Not too difficult, right? Write the card as soon as you can and mail it without delay. Because gratitude and acknowledging kindness is always TADA!


  1. Good tips, I love Emily's blog, but I haven't read her book. Thank you notes are such a nice gesture.

  2. Hi Monica! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Emily's book is a fun and easy read -- lots of great tips!


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