01 May 2013

A Sweet Surprise

Did you hear about this man who bought a secondhand book from Amazon? The book arrived and -- lo and behold -- it was signed by the author.

via imgur.com
The author: Martin Luther King, Jr.! And the man paid only $3.50 for it. Talk about blah to TADA! Hopefully, I'll get lucky the next time I poke my nose around a thrift store.

Maybe we can provide that gasp of surprise the next time someone opens a book. 

via Martha Stewart
I got this idea from the May issue of Martha Stewart Living. Artist Jordana Martin cut up a bunch of printed hearts, then puts them inside books she gives as gifts. 

I followed her instructions using blah paper scraps. Then I stuffed them randomly inside a book.

That way, when I lend a book or give one away, the recipient gets a shower of lovable confetti!

Here's another fun idea I got from Belen. When she borrows books from the library, she leaves a note inside the book before returning it. She uses sticky notepaper doodled with "Hello" or "Have a great day". Wouldn't you like that little shout out if you were the one who discovered the note?

Here's my version -- a tiny recommendation. I hope this doesn't get me in trouble with the librarian!

Let's all share the love, shall we?

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