19 April 2012

High Five

Several kind people have been "pinning" some of my blah to TADA! ideas on Pinterest. Holy smokes, my projects are worthy of a pin?! Thanks guys! And for you who found me through Pinterest, welcome to my blog!

One of my most popular "pins" is the necklace and bracelet rack I made using paper towel rolls. This is the reason I have a new batch of jewelry organizing ideas this week, whether you'll use it at home or if you're participating in a craft fair. 

Today, I'm making a TADA! ring display using these blah materials: cardboard, wood base, a pencil, scissors and hot glue. 

I trace my hand on the piece of cardboard.

Then cut around it.

Oh, we'll need paint and a brush, too.

Paint the hand and wood base {I bought this at the craft store for less than $1.00}. Make several coats.

Attach the bottom of the hand to the wooden base with hot glue. Allow to dry. Then add your rings! TADA!

Remember this when cutting out the hand: make some parts of the fingers skinny to fit different-size rings.

You can make a bigger version with a larger piece of wood and more hands.

Sending high fives your way!


  1. I like your idea very much as it makes the rings more individual, good if you are displaying them on a fair or something. When they're in boxes people rarely look at them, but I imagine they will on these as they are so eyecatching. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Great for jewelry shops and craft fairs indeed. Thanks for visiting Hannelore! :)

  3. haha. I've been "hearting" them on we heart it. idk that anyone else was doing the same.

    and yeah, your ideas are amazing

  4. Hi Sandra! Thanks a lot! I've got to check out "We heart it". :)

  5. génial ! Une bonne idée pour la Fête des mères !

    Je ne commente pas chacune de vos publications, mais je profite de ce message pour vous dire que je suis très régulièrement votre blog et que j'apprécie votre créativité !

  6. Thanks so much for your sweet comment and compliments Isac! :)

  7. Love it! Will definitely be making this. Thanks for the great idea. :)

  8. Hey it´s a great idea. I´ll do a couple to display at my local bazar store. Rosie.


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