22 February 2021

Earrings Made from Leather

Accessorize to change or complete a look. 

Why yes! A cute cuff or a statement necklace can turn a plain outfit from blah to TADA! While I'm always on the lookout for fashion jewelry at the shops, I never back down when I need to make my own. 

Now the word "need" may sound like a desperate plea, but that's what I felt when I found some leather scraps in my craft stash.

This piece of pink leather cried out, "Please transform me!"

And I replied, "Your wish is my command!"

First, I cut a pair of teardrops. Then I made some small holes with a needle and added these earring findings.

It's a fast and simple process and we end up with a pretty set...TADA! 

I had enough to make another pair. This time, I added a splatter effect on the leather. 

Here's how I did it:
Take a medium-sized paintbrush (or old toothbrush), dip it in acrylic paint, and with one finger, flick the tip of the brush close to the leather. Keep repeating the process until the dotty pattern you want is achieved. It's best to work outdoors if you can. And cover your surface with scrap paper to avoid getting paint where you don't want it. Then let the paint dry for a few hours.

Trim the leather and add some holes and findings.

Here is our second pair...TADA!

But wait...there's more!

The remaining leather scraps, I cut into squares and glued them on to these blank gold pendants. 

I slipped them on these wire earring loops...TADA!

One is casual, one is bohemian, and another is elegant...TADA!

15 February 2021

Homemade Headband

Hi guys!

Back in the 1990's, I and every girl I knew wore a headband. It kept our hair in place and was a cute accessory. I remember saving my allowance so that I could buy different kinds: thin, thick, plain, floral, with teeth and without, with bows, flowers, and beads.

Well, headbands are back:

headband, hair accessory, fashion, florals, Rifle Paper Co. fabric, blah to TADA
 Rifle Paper Co. 

headband, hair accessory, fashion, beaded headband,  blah to TADA

Liberty of London, floral, Liberty fabric, headband, hair accessories, fashion, blah to TADA

It's a good thing I kept this old one from years ago:   

headband, hair accessories, fashion, how to update a headband, blah to TADA, crafts
I hardly wore it since, left it at the back of the drawer, and almost added it to the donation pile. Time to give it new life!

Headband, floral scarf, elastic hair ties, homemade headband, crafts, blah to TADA, recycle, repurpose, shopping in my closet
I also found a floral scarf and two hair ties. 

Headband, floral scarf, elastic hair ties, homemade headband, crafts, blah to TADA, recycle, repurpose, shopping in my closet
I tied the scarf at the top of the headband and made two knots.

Headband, floral scarf, elastic hair ties, homemade headband, crafts, blah to TADA, recycle, repurpose, shopping in my closet
Then I wrapped the rest of the scarf around the headband.

Headband, floral scarf, elastic hair ties, homemade headband, crafts, blah to TADA, recycle, repurpose, shopping in my closet
I folded the tails of the scarf and kept them secure with a hair tie on each end of the headband. No need to sew or use glue.

Headband, floral scarf, elastic hair ties, homemade headband, crafts, blah to TADA, recycle, repurpose, shopping in my closet
Old headband, new look...TADA!
Headband, floral scarf, elastic hair ties, homemade headband, crafts, blah to TADA, recycle, repurpose, shopping in my closet
I can create more looks by using other scarves and strips of fabric and use this headband while it's on trend. Since a lot of still work from home and do virtual meetings, a headband is a quick way to change our look.

Stay safe everyone!

14 February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day

This time of year is hyped-up for couples and lovers. Whether or not you're dating or in a relationship, I hope you're able to celebrate Valentine's Day. Here are a few ideas to turn your day from blah to TADA!:

  • Buy a slice of your favorite cake and eat it for breakfast
  • Wear your favorite outfit -- the one that makes you feel cute and confident
  • Put on that lovely shade of lipstick or nail polish
  • Spray on your favorite cologne
  • Treat yourself to something indulgent (ex. burger and fries and a chocolate milkshake!)

Self care and self love, ya'll!

08 February 2021

Papel Picado

Hey guys! Are you familiar with papel picado?

Maybe you've seen them as decorations at the taco place in your neighborhood? Or maybe on a recent vacation to Mexico?

Papel picado are these colorful buntings made from gift tissue. What makes them special are the cut by hand designs that have a lace-like quality to them.

Whenever I see them, I always stop in admiration.

I don't think I'm the only fan. I've noticed it applied in many different ways:

Instead of plain boxes, papel picado-inspired graphics were used as packaging.

Floral Destination Wedding Save the Date  Colorful Mexican image 0
via JP Stationery
What about these dainty wedding invitations?!

Papel picado #cake! #diadelosmuertos #DayOfTheDead
via Sweet Treets Bakery
And edible papel picado banners that dress up this cake!

As a Valentine project, I think I'll attempt to make my own. Here goes:

This is a piece of red card stock which I had readily available.

There are templates available on-line or we can draw the designs freehand. I'm using these stencils I found in my craft stash (I bought them many years ago at the Target Dollar Spot). 

With a pencil, I traced shapes and letters all over the paper.

Here is the design I came up with.

With a pair of scissors or a craft knife and self-healing mat, hallow out the insides of the shapes and letters.

It's a tedious process so I recommend to use simple shapes that aren't too skinny or complicated to cut.

Progress...after about two hours of cutting.

Here is my version of papel picado...TADA!

I can use it as a Valentine card or as a cake topper...TADA!

Have you ever tried making papel picado? 

01 February 2021

An Embroidered Scent Sachet

Yesterday marked my Mama's 4th birthday in heaven. 

I think about her and my Papa every day and pray that they are in a peaceful, joyful place. Not having my parents around is blah. But I try my hardest to turn this into a TADA! by remembering all our memories together.

When I see a monarch butterfly, I am reminded that my Mama is nearby. That's why I like to make crafts with a butterfly theme.

Here is a butterfly embroidery that I made.

I worked with used dryer sheets as my fabric. I don't like to throw them after I do the laundry. They still smell nice and I'm constantly finding ways to turn them from blah to TADA! 

I traced the butterfly pattern from a book.

I pinned the paper on the dryer sheet and mounted this onto an embroidery hoop. Then I sewed directly on the paper, using different colors of thread .

Once done, I carefully peeled off the paper, prying off any small bits with a needle. I also removed the dryer sheet from the embroidery hoop.

I sewed this sheet with the butterfly design (wrong side facing out) to another dryer sheet. I left a small opening on one corner.

I flipped it inside-out through the opening to reveal the correct side showing the butterfly.

I took some dried, but still fragrant, lavender buds...

funnel, dried lavender, lavender buds, uses for dried lavender
And put some inside the sachet. I used a funnel through the small opening for a tidy transfer.

I closed the hole with some hand stitching.

Here is my embroidered scent sachet. I can put it inside my drawers or luggage so I'll always have the relaxing fragrance of lavender with me (and the protection of my Mama, too)...TADA!

25 January 2021

A Painted Pouch

Hey guys! Did you watch The Biden-Harris Inauguration? There were a lot of fashion statements (like the color purple being so popular -- a combination of red and blue, a hint at hopeful unity between the Republicans and Democrats) but this one really stood out:

Bernie Sanders, mittens, Jen Ellis, handmade, wool mittens, recycled wool mittens, Jonathan Ernst, of Reuters, The Washington Post, Biden-Harris Inauguration
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ernst/Reuters via The Washington Post

Bernie Sanders' warm and cozy mittens! They're handmade using wool from old sweaters. I think that's top-notch blah to TADA! right there! They were a gift from Jen Ellis, a second-grade teacher from Senator Sanders' state of Vermont. There's a sweet article about her on NPR and I love what she said:
"I think that's lovely. I mean, I'm not very star-struck by fashion. I mean, I'm just sort of a normal-looking person. And I think that it's really great that Bernie wore something that is accessible to normal people. People can't afford those lovely outfits that everybody else wore, although they were nice to look at. It was nice to have a little piece of reality, you know, and of normal people in such a prominent event."- Jen Ellis               

Truth! Hooray for teachers, hooray for handmade, and hooray for regular people! Anyway, today, we're not making mittens but we are giving new life to this fabric pouch:

This pouch was a freebie. It's made of fabric and how festive is this colorful hand-painted design?! 

It has branding in the middle that I want to cover up.

I lined the inside of the pouch with paper and also protected my work surface with even more paper.

Armed with metallic gold paint and a brush...

I painted over the branding, about three to four coats. 

Then I put it aside to dry for a few hours.

Now, it's a blank space that's ready for a label...TADA! Let me give you some ideas: add your name to personalize it, or for more utilitarian purposes, "make-up", "tech" or "stuff".

It's all about things that bring you joy.

Mine simply says, "snacks".

I used a permanent marker and plain lettering.

I added a zipper pull made from a piece of cord and wooden beads just for extra flourish.

And I filled it with my favorite nibbles like granola bars, cookies, candy and mints. It's a grown-up's lunch box...TADA!

If you need more inspiration for crafting with pouches, check out my posts here, here, here, here and here.

Thank you for stopping by!