23 September 2010

A Barrage of Buntings

Whenever you're out shopping, a plastic bag takes the trip
back home with you (unless your purchases are packed
in a paper bag or you take your own cloth bag).

Well, there must be other uses for plastic bags
than just lining a garbage can with it, right?

If it starts as a blah...

Turn it into a Tada! -- beautiful buntings
for your next celebration!

They're easy to make: (1) Make a triangle pattern on cardboard.
(2) Trace the pattern on the plastic with a pencil or marker.
(3) Cut the plastic, and (4) Connect the triangles by running
these through the sewing machine.

Limit your hue or use a many colorful plastic bags as you like!


  1. I am going to do this for my son's birthday, I am totally motivated to recycle! Luvs...

  2. This is pretty amazing. Seriously.

    And I love your name. I am going to name one of my future daughter's Claire. It is one of the most beautiful names ever I think. You are lucky!

  3. Hi Nuit! Ooohhh, I know your son will have a spectacular birthday! :)

    Hello Mandy! You've made my day :)

    Thanks for visiting lovelies!


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