20 September 2010

Challenge: Plastic Bags

Happy Monday everyone!

This week, I'm up for a challenge!
It's a response to an e-mail from Susie:

Hi there! You inspire me so much and I love the fact that we're helping our environment at the same time. A few ideas I would appreciate your creativity on: (1) Old jeans/denim and (2) plastic grocery-type bags. That latter one - plastic - is so detrimental to our environment, I'm really ashamed I still have them once in a while but when I do, I'd like to know what I could re-purpose them for.

Thanks Susie! I've recycled denim here, here and here.
So this week, let's see how we can turn
plastic bags from...


...to TADA! The plastic bag is now a lei!

It's easy to make: Cut the bag (at least two bags) into strips
and string on a threaded needle in the middle of the strip.
Bunch up the strips and sew the ends together
once you have the desired length.

Give it to your little hula girl.
Or wear at a luau party.

Or turn it into an instant Halloween
costume with a floral dress and a
flower in your hair.

Have a great week!


  1. Good morning Susan! Thanks for visiting today! :)

  2. You made me smile this morning..I don't wear necklaces but thought I could surprise some friends by wearing this to the next 'get together':)
    I love your ideas Claire!!

  3. Awww, Betty! Your comments are always so encouraging :) Thanks dear!

  4. awesome!!!! I plan not to miss any of your ideas this week as I also have bags often :(


  5. Have you heard about making yarn out of plastic bags? If you lay a plastic shopping bag out flat cut off the handles and the bottom (it helps save time if you fold it over a few times length-wise keeping the handles on one end and the bottom at the other) cut the remiaining bag into loops and loop them together to get a double-ply strand. I've croched re-usable grocery totes out of them for myself and my friends. It's fun to play with different colored bags.

  6. Hello Nuit! Thank you for always, always stopping by and leaving a comment :) Hugs!

    Hi there Anonymous! Thanks so much for your note! Yes, I know many crafters are making yarn out of plastic bags and using this as a medium! Thanks so much for the mini-instructional. I'll be writing about it this week. Stay tuned :)

  7. You are so creative. I love this idea!

  8. Thanks, thanks Delia! Happy lei-making! :)


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