14 September 2010

Dinnertime Decor

It's party time on my blog this week with festive ideas galore!

While you may no longer need these blah, empty toilet paper rolls,
they will come in handy during your next dinner party.

A snip here, a snip there...

TADA! Instant napkin ring!

The "petals" were attached together with hot glue.
I kept the natural look for this one.

But you can paint it depending on the mood that you're going for.

Fool your guests to think that these are made of pewter until
you reply, "Oh, I made those out of toilet paper rolls!"

For sure, a conversation piece & a little toilet humor (pun intended)
to make your guests relax.

Happy eating!


  1. LOVING the blue one!!!! {and the napkin too} U are fab Claire xo

  2. This is very creative! Do these ideas just come randomly? Do you have a muse?

    Just Better Together

  3. Great idea! I love it!
    Hugs from Málaga

  4. Hello and a big thank you for your nice notes Nuit, Justine and Liliana! By the way Justine, I think about blah to Tadas all the time. Some ideas come instantly and the others take days, even weeks! Enjoy your day :)

  5. You are so funny. I can imagine the horrified looks some people might give upon hearing that their napkin was just being neatly held together by something from the bathroom. Ha ha ha.

  6. Hi Susan! Oh yeah, you're right :) I hope that doesn't spoil dinner, teehee!


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