24 September 2010

Plastic Yarn

The weekend has finally arrived!
This week, we transformed plastic bags from blah to Tada!
And today, I have another idea for you that will take us
to some of my favorite places in New York City.

Our first stop: The American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan.
Some museums blow you away with their extensive collection
and others leave you scratching your head and saying
to yourself, "That's art?"

Well, I particularly like the Folk Art Museum for
the reason that everyday objects are elevated
to art. Objects that you can make yourself
and secretly, you can call yourself an artist!

Take this colorful circle rug for example.

It's made out of plastic bags!
To be more specific, empty Wonderbread bags!

The artist made yarn out of blah plastic bags & wove it into a rug!
In fact, a lot of crafters use this -- plastic yarn or "plarn",
in lieu of regular yarn to crochet or knit into something
fabulous & useful.

Tada! An adorable bag made out of plarn.

Here's another bag using different stitches.

I learned how to make this craft early this year
at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn.

I have to admit, though, that my bag isn't finished
yet {I'm a novice at crochet, still making
a lot of mistakes, eeep!}.

The bags here are all made by the talented Claire Baker,
who was also our teacher that day.
You can find the tutorial here.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I keep telling myself that I should try this..the bags you displayed look beautiful. But would mine?? I have my doubts:)

  2. Hi there Betty! I think this project is for crafters who know their way around crocheting & knitting (know the language and have set skills already). I'm new with crocheting & knitting so completing the project is a little bit daunting. Some of the ladies I met at this session at Etsy Labs were experts and they made bags in a single color plastic bag or giant market bags -- you wouldn't believe they were made of plastic bags!

  3. Hi Claire! I've been in vacation so I've to update but this week teem was very cool! I particulary liked of the idea of a bag for wet unembrella! Good thinking!!!

  4. Hi Miss Papgena! Thanks for saying Hi today...I hope you're having a really fabulous vacation :)

  5. very interesting! i'm in nyc, but haven't been to the museum or etsy labs, but have had them on my list, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Jen -- that's the beauty of NYC -- lots of stuff to do & discover :) Thanks for visiting!

  7. Do you have a pattern for the pocket book

  8. Hi Gladys! We were not supplied with the pattern, but if you'll click on the tutorial link, it'll provide you with the things you'll need and the instructions. Happy crocheting! :)


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