21 September 2010

Floral Accent

Very nice to see you today!

We all know what a threat plastic bags are to our environment.
While it will take some time to eliminate them entirely,
maybe we can turn them into something pretty
instead of just throwing them away when
we no longer need them.

This blah plastic bag,

and this blah plastic bag will get a
make-over today.

Tada! The orange bag is now a flower!

I cut the bag into petals. I gathered one end, tightly wrapped some
thread around & knotted it to make the bag look more like a petal.
I did this to all the petals, sewed them together and fluffed
them up for a 3-dimensional look.

The green bag had this pretty design.
{The books are stacked together to look like a leaf.}
So I cut around it, and...

Tada! The flower and leaves make the
perfect finishing touch to a plain box.

Instant gift wrap when you have
no ribbon or wrapper available!


Your comments are very much appreciated!