10 September 2010

Sail Away

Before I dive into the weekend, I have another
idea on how to give new life to this empty dairy carton:



It's a toy boat and it can float, baby!

I cut an opening on one side and used chopsticks & an old map
for the sail, secured in place with hot glue.

The curved edges of the boat are made from cut-outs from
another milk carton {to keep it water resistant},
also attached with a glue gun.

Have the kids decorate it with permanent markers
before its maiden voyage.

Have a sun-shiny weekend!


  1. How cute! this looks like a nice little project I could do with my son... even if it doesnt look {or floats} as perfect as yours, i am sure it will be something special for us to do. xox

  2. This has nothing to do with the post but I wanted to tell you that I really like how you handle comments from your readers.I have noticed that you make it a point to respond to all of them and I think that is very very nice of you.Happy Weekend.Feel free not to post this comment if it's too embarrassing and soppy:-).It was just meant to let you know that your efforts are not wasted and much appreciated.

  3. Great blog! I'll have to make this boat with my son:)

  4. Hi Nuit! This is definitely a fun and easy mother & child or family project. I used to love making Origami boats when I was little and let it float in our inflatable pool. Good memories!

    Oh Sumi, you are so sweet! Comments really, really make my day! These little words of encouragement keep me inspired to keep making more TADAs :) Thanks for your wonderful note. It's very much appreciated! Please have a fun weekend, too! Hugs!

    Thanks for checking out my blog Lovemaki! I know your son will enjoy floating this boat :)
    Stop by again soon!

  5. Very clever!

    I have tagged you to participate in the "love" game where you list 10 things you love and then tag 10 more people. For more info see my blog at http://craftsandcreationswithkathy.blogspot.com/2010/09/love-game-roster.html

    Have a great day!


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