06 September 2010

Got Milk?

Hello Everyone! I'm back from my break and I feel recharged! Thanks for your well wishes, I missed you gals, too.

This week, let's turn these empty milk cartons from
blah to TADA!

The first step is to wash the blah cartons with dish soap & water.
Allow to dry thoroughly.

Once dry, it's time to decorate!

TADA! A cute little bird house!

It's dressed up with scrap gift wrap, an old box for the roof, a real twig for the perch & stickers for the peephole window. My feathered friend, I got from Chinatown (you can get them at the nearest craft store).

Use it to add some cheer to a blank wall.

Or for a more utilitarian purpose, make a hole at the back using
a box cutter to stash your pens & pencils in.

Have a great day!


  1. It ´s funny
    Thank you for sharing that lovely idea
    Husgs from Málaga

  2. Hello Liliana and Marfa! Thanks for your notes :)
    Take care!

  3. Great idea and one that I also did sometime back.My attempt was a flop because i kept it out in my balcony and all the real birds actually attacked the bird I had attached.Poor fake bird.All tattered and featherless now.Yours is much much cuter of course.

  4. what a cute project!!! I missed ya Claire, so gad u are back =D xoxox

  5. Hello Sumi! I'm sorry to hear about the "attack". Oh dear. Take care!

    Oh Nuit, you know how to welcome a girl back! XOXO!


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