22 September 2010

Buddy for a Rainy Day

When it's raining hard, isn't a bag like this
a godsend when you need to go indoors
with a wet umbrella in tow?

Sadly, not all establishments like shops or
banks give this away.

Why wait for a free bag, when you
can carry one that you already have
from your shopping trips?

But let's turn this blah plastic bag into
something even more Tada!

I made a smaller bag out of the bag
{enough to fit a small folding umbrella}
and sealed the ends by sewing.

Then I added a button & elastic closure.

That way, it can easily be rolled up and the
button closure can keep it from unfurling.

This bag will go wherever your umbrella goes.
No more rain puddles at your trail.


  1. Thanks for dropping by today Nuit & Alicia! :)

  2. How clever! How do you stay so inspired?

  3. Hello Miss Destined for Now! Thanks for your visit. Oh, I get writer's/crafter's block a lot but what helps me is thinking of TADAs that I can really use in daily life. Have a great day!

  4. You have amazing ideas.and they are very practical. Many people make some eco things, but it is usually useless stuff. Your ideas really come in handy.

  5. genius! i definitely have some F21 bags around that could be used ;-)

  6. Thanks Jen! This will come in handy today -- it's raining cats & dogs outside :) Stay dry!


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