30 September 2010

Scent Sachet

Happy Thursday!
I can't believe it's the last day of
September already.

All this week, we're giving fabric softener
sheets a make-over.

What starts as a blah...

Can instantly made into a Tada!
It's now a scent sachet!

Embroider one side with a pretty design,
stitch the ends but leave a small opening.
Then add some luscious lavender buds,
close the open end & add a ribbon.

Hang it in the closet, stuff it in a
drawer or suitcase for
clothes that smell scent-sational!


  1. Genius! I never use dryer sheets - maybe I should consider it, since they are the basis for so many cute projects...

  2. So glad you like this Sonja! You could recycle old hankies and scraps of cloth from crafting projects to make this, too :) Thanks for stopping by today!


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