30 May 2011

The Bangles

Happy Monday!

I've been organizing my bedside table and in one
of the drawers, I keep my everyday jewelry.
Nothing expensive or precious but each one marking an
exciting trip or an instant-smile-on-my-face memory.

These wanna-be gold bangles remind me
of a merry wedding evening in Seville.
Sheesh, I haven't put them on in a long time!
And that's a blah.

I guess this calls for a make-over.

So I pulled out some matching thread
and some beads from my sewing kit.

TADA! A new look for my bangles!
I "sewed on" a blanket stitch using my fingers and
inserted the beads in an alternating pattern.
I started and ended with multiple loops
so the thread won't unravel.

These remind me of what ladies in India might wear.
And while I've never been to India,
I can always pretend.

Have a wonderful week and to everyone
in the U.S., Happy Memorial Day!


  1. What a great way to change up some old jewelery! I have a few bangles that come out maybe once or twice a year! And I pretend that they're similar bangles to what Indian women might wear too :-)).

  2. Very nice, Claire! What kind of "thread" did you use, if I might ask?

  3. great one!!! have a set of silvery ones that could do with such a makeover! thank you for the inspiration!!! Love your blog by the way - you have got me doing lots of things now - trouble is the stash of recycling bits is growing by the hour!!!

  4. What a great idea Claire..it sure brightened up those bangles!

  5. Thank you everyone for your sparkling comments! The new bangles send their thanks as well. :)
    Hi Jodi! I used a "gold" thread (I think it's like gold tinsel machine-spun onto regular thread). I'm sure embroidery thread will work too.


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