10 May 2011

Hunting & Gathering

Hello Lovelies!
I just made my own terrarium and
realized how easy the process was,
so I'm making a few more.

I also liked how I was able to use
a lot of stuff from my recycling bin:

Bottles and jars make splendid vessels.

Paper and plastic containers come
in handy when scavenging for
items to put inside the terrarium.

Plastic utensils for digging up sand, dirt & plants.
Chopsticks to help assemble things inside
the glass containers.

Now that we've got the tools, let's hunt and gather!

It's a good thing sunny skies and warm
temperatures are upon us.

The backyard, neighborhood park and
beach are great places to explore.
Just some of the things I found:


and rocks...

and tiny plants like ferns & moss.

And how about this cute soda bottle, huh?
I cleaned it inside and out & removed the
sticky label.

Fashion a funnel out of paper and slowly
pour in some sand and pebbles.

Add the plant and anchor the roots
in the sand & between the pebbles.
{Chopsticks come in handy for this!}

Add a generous spritz of water
from a spray bottle, allow to sit
overnight and replace the cover.

TADA! A handsome terrarium if I do say so myself!

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