11 May 2011

Glass Refuge

I'm trying my hand at making terrariums and I'm really
enjoying it. It serves so many purposes -- I'm learning
something new, I'm able to recycle jars and I get to
spend time outdoors as I gather stuff to put in my
glass containers. And at the end of the day,
I have a terrarium to dress up my home!

The flat sides of this blah jar makes it perfect
to use as a terrarium.

Add some freebies from nature.
Arrange them artistically.
Then finish off with spritzes of water.

Tiny, neglected toys -- animals, fairies and sure, robots --
can find a new home in the terrarium.

Make sure the terrarium looks pretty on all sides.

For visual interest, I used an upturned glass votive
holder as the dome of my terrarium.

No money was spent or animals hurt
in the making of this TADA! project. :-)


  1. sweet... loved the blue bird addition

  2. The bird is so cute & curious, right? Thanks Aakash! :)


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