20 May 2011

Hang in There

Thanks for coming over today!
All this week, I've been finding inspiration
to turn these forks & spoons:

From blah to TADA!

Here's another one I found on Etsy:

It's the handiwork of JJEvensen,
who turns old spoons/forks into useful
stuff for the home like this coat rack.
I like that each spoon has the name
of a family member stamped on it.
This would fit well in the foyer or
mud room where most of us would
hang our jackets & bags.

This one's made of funky forks.

Indeed, there are many creative things
you can do with old silverware.

Have a superb weekend!


  1. Lovin' all these fork posts Clare! You've done it again!

    Hope you're well! xo

  2. Thanks my dear Reese! I'm doing great and wish you a fabulous weekend. :)

  3. Gosh! Such marvelous ideas here! THanks for visiting my blog and thanks for lovely comment : ) Sunny weekend to you : )

  4. Hi! Lovely blog! Lovely things .... ( cannot remember if I left a comment earlier... but in case I did - I say it again) Lovely : )

  5. wow! impressive. thanks for sharing!


  6. Ooh - I love the spoon one. So unique!

  7. Hello Katie! I totally agree! Thanks for your comment. ;-)


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