16 May 2011

Spoons & Forks

How was your weekend everyone?
I hope you had loads of fun!

Blogger had a little hiccup at the end of last week.
Sorry 'bout that. I hope you were able to read my

Anyways, in the back of my cupboard is
this jar filled with flea market finds:

Mismatched spoons & forks.
They're glorious for food styling projects,
but I've been thinking of other uses for them.

Here's one idea. It's a light fixture
decorated with spoons & forks!
I saw it in an Italian restaurant
in Hong Kong. Cute eh?

Here's a similar chandelier,
made of vintage egg beaters.
I spotted it at Fishs Eddy
in New York City.

More neat & nifty TADAs tomorrow!

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