17 May 2011

Sweet Surprise

One of the things I like to collect are gadgets
for the kitchen. I usually pick up stuff that are
brand new but my drawers never turn away
pre-owned items like vintage utensils.

Take for example these teaspoons.
Same shape, same size, all silver,
except for the ends.

If you belong to the school of matchy-matchy,
you might consider these blah.
But for every blah is a TADA!

These are personalized hot chocolate
a shop in San Francisco specializing
in hot chocolate.

I particularly like the product pictured
above. They dip a spoon into a block
of chocolate. All one needs to do is add
this to a cup of hot milk. The chocolate
will melt and TADA!, you have yourself a
some delicious hot chocolate!

But here's the surprise.
When the chocolate melts, the spoon
will reveal a message, one that's engraved
right onto the spoon! You can even
personalize it -- "Marry Me", "No.1 Dad",
"Best Friend Forever" or whatever you like.

Isn't that TADA!?


  1. lovely idea!

    Monika from

  2. Tada for sure..who wouldn't love to receive one of those?

  3. Thanks Mnemonique and Betty! So adorable, right?! :)

  4. Oh so cute! Thanks for the comment Catherine! :)


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