13 May 2011

Nature in a Jar

Let's give it up for Friday because it's finally here!

This week I had a ball turning these glass
containers from blah to TADA!

With carefully selected rocks, twigs and plants,
I made some really cool covered terrariums.

I read that these "thrive on neglect". They make use of
whatever moisture is in the jar, allowing the plants to
survive. No constant watering needed. Yahoo!

I got to reuse some blah plastic containers
to collect my materials, too.

And if I may digress, can I show you
some springtime photos; a souvenir
of the day I went hunting & gathering?

You have to love all this spring time bounty!

Wish I could preserve fresh flowers inside a bottle.

Anyway, back to my project:

I used this blah jar.

And turned it into a TADA! terrarium.

I think this will find a good home on a desk
or bookshelf {near a sunny window}.

I just had to take a family portrait
of my handiwork.
Have a sweet weekend ya 'all!


  1. this week's theme was so cool!
    I never thougth that the plants would survive like that!

  2. So far, my terrariums are still alive (good news for me who's a novice gardener). Have a nice weekend Miss Papgena! :)

  3. You've given me another great idea, Claire.

    I just started a new job with my own office and a deep window sill. Guess what's going on there. Bingo - the jars I've been saving for a project and twigs, rocks and plants I hope to collect this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Thanks for this lovely note Cheryl! Good luck with your new job and have fun putting together your terrarium! :)

  5. I have been wanting to make one of these ever since I read a blog article about Feng-Shui in the workplace :)

  6. Love what you did with those jars, Claire. Back from vacation..had a good time but it's always good to be home again.

  7. Hi Miss OneCraftyFox! I read also that having a live plant inside the home or workplace promotes good Feng Shui. Happy terrarium-making! :)

    Oh Betty, I bet you had a wonderful vacay...I just know it! Thanks again for always visiting. :)


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